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Bristol Hospitals Declare Climate Emergency

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

S.E.A.S.N our delighted that Bristol’s two large NHS hospital trusts have joined the international movement to declare a climate emergency, recognising the impact climate change is having on the world.

North Bristol NHS Trust and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust have joined other large organisations in the city such as Bristol City Council, We the Curious and the University of Bristol who have also previously made the declaration. This shows a clear and positive commitment to acknowledge the threat that climate change places upon us, and take definitive steps to combat it.

Both trusts have ambitiously set the goal of net zero carbon emissions by 2030, we are excited and hopeful that S.E.A.S.N can help achieve this goal.

The trusts have identified and will target their efforts on the following areas:

  • single use plastics, such as in wards, operating theatres and catering

  • recycling and disposal of waste

  • greenhouse gas impact of anaesthetics

  • energy use for heating and lighting

  • energy from sustainable sources

  • water use

  • vehicle emissions from staff and patient travel and goods deliveries

  • sustainable food sourcing

  • encouraging staff, patients and local residents to lead greener, healthier lives.

J. Hickman, Oct 2019.

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