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Severn Environmental Anaesthesia and Sustainability Network are a group of multidisciplinary health care professionals, with a shared passion for the environment and sustainable practice within health care. We are pleased and thankful to have the support of the Bristol School of Anaesthesia. 

Our aims are:


  1. To raise awareness of the impact healthcare is having on the environment, for current, and future generations.

  2. To reduce the negative impact healthcare is having on the environment in the Severn Deanery

  3. To promote and support high quality collaborative research, quality improvement and audit, within the region, in the field of sustainable healthcare.

  4. To co-ordinate regional collaborations, and act as a point of contact for national and international collaborations.

Current Projects





Get Involved

Join S.E.A.S.N

  • Be the first to to hear about new projects and events.

  • Contribute data from your Trust.

  • Be part of the positive change .


  • You’ve got an idea for a project and would like our support.

  • You would like to collaborate with the network on a project.

Help Run S.E.A.S.N

  • Become a Trainee Sustainability Lead 

  • Join the committee and gain invaluable experience whilst reducing our carbon footprint. 

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